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Message from the Superintendent

11 months ago

 Welcome to Warden School District website.  Our school district is a wonderful place for our families to grow and learn together and we are excited to be able to use this site to better communicate with our community and the world.


          One of the district’s top priorities is to keep our families informed about the wonderful things happening in Warden School District.  We are proud of our website.  Here you can access a variety of calendars, sports, activity schedules, and event announcements.  With your student's  unique identification number you can log into Skyward Family Access and see your child’s schedule, grades and school lunch information. We continue developing individual classroom and program web-pages and provide important links to educational sites.  Please be patient as we continue to grow this site. 
           Warden Schools appreciates the help of  volunteers in our classroom.  Come for a few minutes, an hour, or a day.  In times of tight budgets, your help more important than ever. 
          Whether you are able to volunteer, attend our events, or keep in contact, we welcome your support and interest in our schools.
Dr. David LaBounty,  Superintendent

Warden School District

Mission & Beliefs

11 months ago


The Warden School District will work together with the community to encourage the development of productive citizens by providing a safe, creative, and inspirational environment that fosters the growth of each individual student's capabilities through a variety of educational opportunities.

EDUCATION: Education is a privilege and responsibility which challenges and inspires all children, providing them with the building blocks and tools that are essential for lifelong success in the world of the future.

SCHOOLS: Well-maintained schools provide a safe learning environment that help prepare students for the future through academic, emotional, creative, physical, and cultural experiences as well as opportunities to build friendships, life and social skills.

STUDENTS: Students want to explore and understand their world through opportunities presented in a structured and encouraging environment.

TEACHERS: Teachers care about children and are dedicated to the mastery of their field of education for success in teaching their students.

PARENTS: Desiring the best for their children, parents, as the primary teachers and positive role models, cooperate with the school district to support, encourage, guide, nurture, and empower children through the learning and education process.

COMMUNITY: A united community supports learning by providing financial support, setting community goals, communicating and working together, and ensuring opportunities for achievement and success for every student.

District Improvement Goals

11 months ago

1.  Warden School District will have high academic standards and expectations and will support students as they work towards achievement of these skills. 

2.  Warden School District facilities are a centerpiece to the community and will be maintained and upgraded to meet the academic and co-curricular needs of the district. 

3.  Warden students will graduate with technology skills that will be competitive on a global basis. 

4.  Warden School District will have a supportive learning environment that focuses on respect, responsibility, and academic success 

5.  Create a culture of learning, encompassing all members of the Warden community, by providing opportunities for with students, teachers parents and community members to partner in our students’ education. 

6.  Monitor budgetary issues to maintain the fiscal integrity of the district