Staff Spotlight

Debbie Cade - Warden Middle School, 6th Grade Science Teacher

To simply say Mrs. Cade is a middle school science teacher understates the value her colleagues place on her and diminishes her contributions to enriching her students’ educational experiences. Among her peers Mrs. Cade is highly regarded for her eagerness to collaborate and the quality of her contributions. With regard to her work with her students, she is perpetually going above and beyond for her students by something as seemingly simple, such as relentlessly searching for just the right resources to accompany the Spanish translation of a lesson, to providing engaging lessons for her students.

Mrs. Cade not only teaches a STEM elective, but also a robotics elective where students have a wonderful opportunity to be introduced to coding in an interactive way. She provides opportunities for students to have visual and tangible lessons, for example, about structure designs with creative projects and contests where students apply what they’ve learned trying to build the tallest structure they can using marshmallows and toothpicks. Even more so, Mrs. Cade provides a unique educational experience for students raising salmon in the classroom. Through this project students have opportunity to learn about the lifecycle of salmon and by collaborating with the Department of Wildlife, facilitates engaging guest speakers teaching students about the unique physiology of fish and conservation efforts.