Staff Spotlight

WA-STELLAR Noyce Program
Central Washington University
The following teachers have been selected for a prestigious five-year master teacher fellowship in Central Washington University’s new WA-STELLAR (Washington STEM Teachers Engaging in Leadership, Learning and Research) program. The WA-STELLAR program is supported by a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program. Over the next five years, this first cohort of WA-STELLAR fellows will help build and enrich a network of STEM teachers, administrators, and community and industry partners as they collaboratively improve STEM education outcomes for K-12 children throughout the state of Washington. These teacher leaders will guide other STEM teachers within their local districts in using culturally responsive pedagogy, integrating project-based STEM curriculum, and incorporating authentic assessment practices. WA-STELLAR fellows will also increase the relevance of STEM by connecting students with appropriate STEM community and industry partners. The program is designed to allow for fuller participation in STEM by all learners and contribute to the development of a more diverse STEM workforce. 
*Press release courtesy of CWU. 

Jessica Cole

According to Ms. Cole, “Each time I teach a class I look for or develop materials that will help my students be successful. Being a part of a team of STEM educators who are developing new and improved resources to help students learn math deeper would be a wonderful experience for me and for my students. The more that I can do to develop into a more well-rounded and experienced educator, the better off my students will be. I want what’s best for them and am willing to grow in order to do my job to the best of my ability. I became a math teacher to make a challenging subject easier for students to understand and believe that working with other teachers throughout this program will improve my ability to do just that.” Jessica holds degrees in Secondary Mathematics and anticipates graduating with a Masters in Math Education later this year. She has been teaching for six years and currently teaches mathematics. 

Mitch Stanberry

According to Mr. Stanberry, “I am interested in the WA-STELLAR program because it will help me to become an even better teacher and advocate for my students. I would like to work harder to connect all our high school STEM tracks. I have had lots of mathematics specific training, but with the technology of the 21st Century I would like to get better at helping prepare my students for STEM job pathways.” Mitchell holds degrees in Mathematics and a Master’s of Education. He has been teaching for 21 years and currently teaches mathematics. 

Angela West

According to Ms. West, “My goals for being part of the WA-STELLAR program include: more extensive networking with other STEM teachers for their expertise; learning new ways to connect to businesses/industries to become partners in advancing for/promoting STEM education; sharing my work for critiquing by my peers; designing new, innovative, collaborative, cross-curricular project-based learning to use with the teachers in my district at all grade levels; learning new ways to promote more STEM emphasis at the elementary level, and creating a more collaborative atmosphere for learning among the teachers in my district.” Angela holds degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and a Master’s of Education. She has been teaching for 18 years and currently teaches biology and chemistry.