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COVID-19 and School Closure Updates

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by Jeff Kottong and staff- 4/3/2020 4:00 PM

Warden School District Community,

Our transportation and classified staff put together and delivered almost 8000 meals this week.  On Thursday and Friday our teams delivered our Spring Break support packages. On Monday, 900 enrichment packets went out to students. We want to remind families that there will not be meals nor enrichment packets going out next week, April 6 – 10, due to Spring Break.  When we return from Spring Break, we will start meals and enrichment packet delivery on April 13th.  A big thank you to our classified staff for all of their hard work! 

The academic support team of classified staff and admin processed and organized enrichment activities for students this week.  These will be delivered Monday after Spring Break week. Without their dedication and commitment to serve, the enrichment activities would be an impossible task to accomplish – THANK YOU!!!  We would also like to acknowledge teachers for developing enrichment activities for the academic support team to process each week! 

As you may of noticed, the staff members that work in the public are following the Health Department's recommendation to wear some sort of face mask.  This would be a great opportunity to explain to your child how the COVID-19 virus is spread through mouth and nose droplets.  These droplets can infect another person by breathing them in or by touching the face.  It is too bad the masks cover the big smiles of our wonderful staff, but please know it is a necessary precaution to protect them and you. All employees and guests entering our facility must be screened on arrival for COVID-19 related symptoms; temp of 100.4 or higher, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, etc.  Our school nurse is available during the work day for screening and all concerns.

Please have a safe and healthy weekend. 

by Jeff Kottong - 4/1/2020 5:20 PM

Warden School District Community,

OSPI Superintendent Chris Reykdal has post a video with a message to Educators, Parents, Students and HS Seniors. Please take a moment to view his message at this link. They State is working on providing the message in Spanish and we will post that link when it becomes available.

Our classified staff, administration and others have been working diligently to provide meal bags for our students. We will be providing a large meal bag to students either Thursday and Friday with food for at least three days of Spring Break. Spring Break meal bags will be delivered on Thursday to the city park students and Friday on the bus routes to rural students. There will be no meal deliveries during Spring Break week.

Our staff have also been copying, sorting, prepping and bagging the enrichment materials teachers have provided. The next enrichment packet will be delivered to students on April 13th. 

Our high school staff continue to receive guidance from the state and meet to discuss graduation adjustments for the Class of 2020. We expect to have a pathway planned for and approved by the school board by mid-April.

We have received a few more questions this week concerning the district's activities and we have updated the Question and Answer document on the website.

We trust you are all staying safe, social distancing and staying home under the Governor's order. Many staff are here at the district each day supporting students with work that can't be done from home. We are especially thankful for their labors. Please know that we, as well as our students, appreciate the efforts of everyone during this difficult time.  Know that you are missed and keep in touch.

Warden School District Updates – 3/27/2020 3:00 PM

Our maintenance, transportation, food service, and classified personnel have been very busy. They have been creating routes, making two meals a day per student, packing and delivering to all of our students. We have nine routes running bringing food and academic enrichment packets to our out of town students and Jeske and Volunteer Parks for students living within city limits. We are serving over 1200 meals per day, for an approximate 8400 meals, and delivering weekly academic enrichment packets to our students on routes and at Jeske and Volunteer Parks.

The State has directed us to provide meals during Spring Break. As we prepare for Spring Break, it will be a little different. In support of this, we are preparing a larger box with enough food for up to four school days. Next Monday and Tuesday, we will be collecting information from our students and families at the parks about their ability to carry the larger packages home. These packages will be heavy. We will be organizing deliveries to some homes. We would like our drive up parents to continue to do so. These will be available Thursday and Friday. Because we are adding more meals, our bus route deliveries might take a little longer and some delivery times might change.

Our academic support team continued to put together packets of teacher’s materials for students for our upcoming Monday delivery. Our system was much more streamlined this week and we are excited to deliver the packets to students on Monday for Week Two of academic support. Enrichment envelopes will be available in each student’s lunch pick up or drop-off location. Thank you to our teachers for the increased volume of enrichment activities.

There will be no deliveries of meals or enrichment packets during Spring Break, April 6 – 10. We will be posting more information about our Spring Break meal and academic enrichment packages on our website and Facebook.

Graduating Class of 2020 Information

Yesterday the State Board of Education (SBE) met to discuss their temporary solution for school districts to address the impact of the statewide school closures on our graduating class of 2020. The SBE is in the process of granting school districts authority to waive some state credit requirements for individual students, who were on-track to graduate, this school year and were unable to complete required state credits despite a good faith effort on the part of the district to help the student earn credit. The SBE also stated that local school boards could create their own policies for their own unique/local credit requirements. The SBE will be seeking public comment on their work until April 7th and plan to adopt the rules and potentially a resolution on April 8th for a planned press release on that day. If adopted, the rules will become effective April 9th.

On March 26th WSD participated in the afternoon SBE introductory webinar pertaining to graduation requirements. Warden School District will continue to collaborate with the State Board of Education and our North Central Educational Service District (NCESD) partners to create proposals for the Warden School Board to consider, in order to be prepared for the SBE waiver application, currently scheduled to open on April 16th.

Please be aware that this is a continually changing situation without precedence. The state continues to reinforce that we must be flexible and patient as numerous groups address and work through these challenging issues. We will continue to keep you informed as we receive more information and guidance from the NCESD, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), SBE.

Health and Virus Updates

The District is staying up to date with the evolving health recommendations from the Grant County Health Department.  We are planning and practicing precautions to minimize transmission of the virus.  Decisions are being made every day to keep our students, their families and our staff safe as we prepare and deliver food.  Please refer to the Grant County Health website at

School Closure and Athletics Update

OSPI has shared the desire for school districts to still plan for the return to school on April 27. Depending on the progression of the virus and the “flattening of the curve” decisions will be made later if that date can be met. We will be continuing to follow the state’s guidelines and WIAA’s recommendations for athletics. The WIAA has a FAQ for Spring Sports available here -

From the entire leadership team,

Dr. Dave LaBounty

by Jeff Kottong 3/24/2020 4:45 PM

Warden School District Community,

Please visit our website page, and our Facebook page, as Erik has posted several more pictures of support for students.

Most of you are aware of Governor Inslee's executive order for all Washingtonians to stay at home for the next two weeks. K-12 schools providing food service to students are included in his list of essential critical infrastructure workers. The Warden School District will continue to provide food service for the students in our district. Administration continues to manage work flows and staffing to minimize workers coming to school but yet provide a needed public service. Arrangements have been made for the students who were participating in childcare service and we have suspended childcare service until it becomes necessary again.

In response to the stay at home order, the school board meeting scheduled for this Thursday, March 26, will still be held in the HS gymnasium, however the meeting will be closed to the public. Only the board and a few essential staff will be present to run the meeting. People may listen to the meeting as it will be broadcast in an audio only format at this link  - Public comment will be closed during the meeting; if the public has a comment, they may use the Question and Answer form on the district website or call 509-349-1880 between 8 AM - 3 PM to leave a comment or ask a question. These will be presented to the board at the next scheduled board meeting.

by Jeff Kottong 3/23/2020 4:30 PM

Warden School District Community,

The District handed out academic enrichment packets to students today with meal bags. We have had an increase in the number of meals handed out each day. Teachers, please remember to submit your enrichment handouts to your principal by Thursday, March 26, to have them included in next Monday's delivery.

Our Online and Phone Question and Response document has been updated. The latest questions are listed first on the document. If you submitted a question online, you should have received a response through your contact email.

We are asking parents who are driving to Volunteer and Jeske Parks in the city to please queue in a line and drive-by to pick up meals and packets rather than park and walk to pickup the items. We are mindful of social distancing requirements and would like to minimize the number of people standing and waiting in groups.

The District received an eleven page bulletin from OSPI titled "Guidance for Long-term School Closures as of March 20, 2020." Included in the bulletin was guidance and supports for high school seniors. Our staff will be reviewing this document as well as participating in a webinar meeting with the Department of Education later this week, and will be meeting to discuss planning for seniors and graduation.

Our administration has been working to facilitate the state's request provide food service, childcare and academic enrichment for our students within the framework of social distancing, protecting the vulnerable, and to minimize the transmission of the coronavirus. Each day assessments are being made to determine how we can best achieve this and protect our staff and students. Decisions are being made to allow additional staff to work from home and to rotate personnel working at school to minimize exposures. 

We continue to thank all those providing support for our students in one way or another.

by Jeff Kottong 3/20/2020 4:20 PM

Warden School District Community,

We had additional students pickup meals today. Staff finished preparing enrichment packets to be delivered to students with their meal bags on Monday. 

We have collected and answered the questions asked by phone or online. They are available to view on the website in the "Questions and Answers" block. Please take a moment to view the answers provided. 

Some questions are not able to answered in detail as we continue to receive guidance from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the State Department of Education, the Federal Government and the county and state health organizations.

We have started to share some pictures on the Warden School District Facebook page - Please visit and like our page.

by Jeff Kottong 3/19/2020 4:30 PM

Parents, Guardians and Community members,

Today's food distribution went very well. Thank you to all the classified and administrative staff who worked together to make sure our students received meals today. Staff will continue to tweak systems and needs to make it even better in the coming days. We had good response with distribution on the bus routes and we hope to reach additional city students at the park distribution in the coming days. 

Staff are working to prepare the academic enrichment packets that teachers have submitted to their principals. The first packets will be delivered with the meal bags on Monday, March 23rd. 

OSPI has a webpage providing updates, information, guidance and links to Coronavirus resources. Several guidance documents have been updated recently which you may be interested in reviewing. The link to their webpage is

Washington State Superintendent of Schools Chris Reykdal sent a letter to district Superintendents on March 17, 2020. Dr. LaBounty would like to share this document with you.  The "...letter is intended to highlight priorities to be addressed as you identify local solutions for serving your communities in response to the Governors's proclamation and guidance from the Department of Health (DOH)." Please click this link to download the complete letter -

Thank you for your support of the Warden Schools and our students.

by Jeff Kottong 3/18/2020 4:45 PM

Parents, Guardians, and Community members,

Thank you all for your continued support of our students in planning for food service, childcare and academic enrichment materials available to our students.

Tomorrow, we will be delivering a meal bag with a lunch and breakfast to all our students. Buses will be leaving the school starting 9:30 AM to deliver to all students on our bus routes. Buses will honk their horn at each stop for the family to come out and pick up the meal bags for their students. School vehicles or buses will also be at Volunteer and Jeske Parks from 10:00 - 11:00 AM for students who live in the city limits. Students or families may pick-up and receive meals during that time. Staff will be accounting for each student that will be receiving a meal bag. Inside each bag is a blue paper with contact information to let the district know if you want to cancel receiving a daily meal bag. Also, the principals have a short notice about enrichment activities that your student's teacher may be providing.

We will be sending a SchoolMessenger call tonight to all parents with the information about tomorrow's food service program plans.

The SCAC league has published a notice concerning league athletics for students and teams. A copy of this notice posted at The WIAA has also published information concerning spring sports during the school closure. A link to their news update and short video can be accessed here -

posted by Jeff Kottong 3/17/2020 4:55 PM

Parents, Guardians and Community members,

We are in our first mandated school closure day.  Our classified staff is focused on and invested in finalizing our Meals for Student deliveries and Childcare Services to begin on this Thursday.  We are ready to prepare 1,780 meals per day, consisting of a breakfast and lunch, for our 890 students.  This will total 8,900 bagged meals per week and 44,500 meals planned for the next six weeks.  We have established assembly lines to package meals while utilizing our Transportation fleet and drivers as our delivery service.  Out-of-City students will be receiving their two daily meals around 10 am – 11 am via their scheduled bus route.  In-City students will receive their meals at Jeske and Volunteer Parks in Warden, depending upon where the students live.   The district will send out an Auto Call Wednesday informing parents and guardians of the Thursday meal deliveries.  Busses will use their horns to signal “come get your meals” at each bus stop.  A notification flyer will be added to the meals for parents to cancel their students’ meal deliveries if they desire not to receive them.  We will also be utilizing our meal delivery system to get educational enrichment materials out to students that teachers provide to their principals.  We have a designated team of classified staff to make copies and package those materials.  We plan on having those education packets go out on Mondays, with March 23rd as our first scheduled delivery.

 Our childcare team is finalizing on the students needing services, as well as, scheduling their daily activities.  Students must receive prior permission to get into the program and must meet the criterion for service.  Requests are made through Michele Cram at 509-349-2366.  All childcare students will receive a daily health screening before entering the building from our nurse.  Transportation will be provided for childcare students if they need transportation and if the student resides in a typical transportation route area.  In town families will need to provide student transportation to and from school.  The program will be from 8:15 am – 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.  We will be implementing social distancing in the program with a focus of five students per classroom with two adult supervisors.  All exterior building doors will remain locked for district personnel entrance only.  Parents are instructed to remain outside in their vehicles.  Students will be brought to them.

 The district will have four phone-in calling centers activated on Thursday pertaining to the following services: 1) Health service through our district nurse, at 509-349-1864, to get questions answered and provide health information, 2) A Question and Answer service for parents and community by phone at 509-349-1880, or through our website to obtain information.  The Question and Answer responses will be posted on our website daily, 3) Meal delivery cancellation and/or meal response center at 509-349-1872, and 4) the Warden District Office for all other information at 509-349-2366.  The phone centers will be available for personal contact Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

 A special shout-out to all of our staff that have assisted in planning and creating these supports for our students, families, and community.  All are demonstrating a passion and care for our community in these challenging times.  Please stay in regular contact with district email, website, and Facebook for updated information.


Dr. David B. LaBounty

by Jeff Kottong 3/17/2020 11:20 AM

We have been asked about translation to Spanish for information on the website. The website has a "Translate" link at the bottom left corner of the page. Google Translate is available to translate webpage text into a language of choice. 

We will try to make as many handouts and letters available in Spanish and they can be found by clicking on the "Covid-19 Information" found on the district webpage Top Link bar. In the "WSD Information" block is a section of "Links in Spanish" and copies of information sent out will be available in both English and Spanish in the "WSD Notices and Information" block.

The most current information and updates will be found in this section each day. Thank you.

posted by Jeff Kottong 3/16/2020 6:40 PM                                                                                                                        

March 16, 2020

Dear Parents,

Our three areas of student support during the current school closure are food service, childcare for select groups (as directed by the state) and academic enrichment. 

The District will begin food service on Thursday, March 19, 2020.  Breakfast and lunch “to go” will be provided for all Warden School District students.  Students on bus routes will have food delivered by their regular bus driver beginning at 10:00 AM. 

Students that live in town may pick up their meals at one of two designated locations.  If you live west of County Road, meals can be picked up at Jeske Park, on Grant Avenue, between the hours of 10:00 and 11:00 AM.  If you live east of County Road, meals can be picked up at Volunteer park, on Maple between the hours of 10:00 and 11:00 AM.  Parents/guardians or students may pick up these meals. 

Childcare will be provided from the hours of 8:15-3:00 for preapproved families (those of health-care workers and first responders).  If you have not been contacted and are a part of one of these groups, please call the District office at (509) 349-2311, ext. 1582.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided for those students.  In addition, transportation can be arranged if needed. 

The academic team is still formulating enrichment supports for students and more information will be provided at a later time. 

Although schools will be closed, the school system will not shut down.  We appreciate your ongoing support and patience.  Please look to our District website and Social Media for continued updates, along with communication that will be provided with meal service. 

In support of your students,

Warden School District

by Jeff Kottong 3/16/2020 3:00 PM

The Warden School District has been participating in regional Zoom meetings, meeting with union representation and meeting as planning groups to prepare information to our students, parents and community concerning the next steps we will be taking to meet the directive of the State of Washington school closure. We expect to have a planning document available on the website by the end of the day with information concerning plans for the coming days. 

by Jeff Kottong 3/16/2020 2:15 PM

The School Board meeting scheduled for March 16, 2020 at 7:00 pm has been cancelled in compliance with the Washington State directive and Grant County Health suggestions to limit gatherings of people. 

The Warden School District will be preparing a process to submit questions you may have had online and we will be reviewing them and posting answers the following day. We expect to have this available on the website by March 18.

Additionally, by March 19, we will have a dedicated phone number to reach the school nurse to be able to ask questions about the coronavirus. 

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