Support Services




101 W. Beck Way 
Warden, WA 98857-9401
Michele Cram - Director of Support Services
T: (509) 349-2366 x1440
Denise McCaffery - Special Education Director
T: (509) 349-2311 x1580
Jill Massa - Director of Teaching and Learning
T: (509) 349-2311 x1581
 - Psychologist
T: (509) 349-2311
Louise Marcus, Speech Therapist
T: (509) 349-2311 x1108
Janna Benzel, School Nurse
T: (509) 349-2311 x1102
, Physical Therapist
T: (509) 349-2311
Maria Soledad M. Martinez - Migrant Records Clerk / Recruiter
T: (509) 349-2311 x1585
Melissa Lopez - Special Education Secretary
T: (509) 349-2311 x1583
Claudia Salazar, Support Services Secretary
T: (509) 349-2311 x1582


The Special Services department oversees Federal and State Programs, Special Education and related services, and state/district assessment. 

Speech and language services, physical therapy, special needs preschool, and school psychological services are also a part of this department. All day kindergarten and school nurse are made possible through various funding sources.

Assessment - State Testing

Assessment - Ancillary

Federal Programs