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District Improvement Goals
1. Warden School District will have high academic standards and expectations and will support students as they work towards achievement of these skills.

2. Warden School District facilities are a centerpiece to the community and will be maintained and upgraded to meet the academic and co-curricular needs of the district.

3. Warden students will graduate with technology skills that will be competitive on a global basis.

4. Warden School District will have a supportive learning environment that focuses on respect, responsibility, and academic success.

5. Create a culture of learning, encompassing all members of the Warden community, by providing opportunities for with students, teachers parents and community members to partner in our students’ education.

6. Monitor budgetary issues to maintain the fiscal integrity of the district.
The Technology contact for the Warden School District is:
Jeff Kottong
IT Director
Warden School District
101 W Beck Way
Warden, WA 98857-9401

T: 509.349.2581 x1326
F: 509.349.2531
C: 509.989.3765