21st Century Community Learning Center

Greg Klueber
Warden Middle/High School Site Director
Phone: (509) 750-3640
Email: gklueber@warden.wednet.edu
Courtney Hernandez
Warden Elementary Site Director
Phone: (509) 349-2311,  ext. 1138

Email: courtneycox@warden.wednet.edu

At the 21st Century program, our mission is to enhance each student's educational experience through enrichment activities! â€‹Pre-Pandemic, we were an after-school program, but recently we have moved our program online! We work to improve student academic achievement in math, science and reading as well as students’ behavior in and out of the classroom. We also seek to involve the Warden community in activities affirming families’ culture. Every weekday from 3pm to 6pm we have 3 highly capable tutors that can assist students in homework and studying via zoom meetings online to ensure that they are achieving success in every school subject!


Our other focus remains on developing educational activities that students can get excited about! We develop STEM projects like working on catapults and coding as well as building skills in foreign languages using online and workbook resources. We are also looking forward to giving students opportunities to express themselves through art, writing and performances and provide our students with plenty of books to help strengthen their reading comprehension skills!


Every Warden School District student qualifies for the 21st Century After school Program. There is also a separate 21st Century Program for the elementary students in grades 1-5. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact one of the site directors. 

Greg Klueber, Warden Middle and High School Site Coordinator