Staff Spotlight

staff checking a student in during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic

If you’ve grown up in Warden, chances are good that Mrs. Massa has touched your life in one way or another. She may have been your principal, colleague, advocate, and likely your friend. As some of you reflect on how it is Mrs. Massa impacted your life, many will be unaware of exactly how much she has.

The hat Mrs. Massa wears as Director of Teaching and Learning has a staggeringly wide brim, not to mention being the district’s liaison for the Mckinney-Vento program, organizing summer school, provides mentorship and leadership for new members on the administrative team, OH MY! Often requiring working long into the evening hours as some may have noticed when they see her car here at the district, hours after most everyone else has left. Even so, Mrs. Massa remains visible and active in the community that supports Warden students. Mrs. Massa’s commitment and dedication to the success and wellbeing of Warden students and staff throughout the years has been unrelenting and unwavering, and we are grateful to have her to lean on. Thank you, Mrs. Massa for being you and supporting the Warden School District staff and students like you do.