Nutrition Services


101 W. Beck Way 
Warden, WA 98857-9401
Paulie Wixom - Food Service Supervisor
Phone: (509) 349-2366 x1450

Welcome back! We would like to thank you for the opportunity for allowing us to provide service to your children each day!

The Warden School District has implemented the Community Eligibility program for this year. All enrolled students will receive their meals free of charge. Please read the letter to parents.

Warden Families, 

Warden School District Nutrition Services continues to strive to provide the nutritious meals that Warden students have come to expect but this year especially, it has taken some quick thinking, flexibility, and creativity to stick to the Lunch Calendar. As much as we do intend to stick to the meal schedule on the Lunch Calendar, there have been times when we've had to make some last minute changes due supply chain issues and there will likely be more changes made out of necessity in the near future. We will continue to do our best to keep last minute changes to a minimum and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Lunch Menu

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Oct 2
Mon, Oct 3
Tue, Oct 4
Wed, Oct 5
Thu, Oct 6
Fri, Oct 7
Sat, Oct 8
Sun, Oct 9
Mon, Oct 10
Tue, Oct 11
Wed, Oct 12
Thu, Oct 13
Fri, Oct 14
Sat, Oct 15
Sun, Oct 16
Mon, Oct 17
Tue, Oct 18
Wed, Oct 19
Thu, Oct 20
Fri, Oct 21
Sat, Oct 22
Sun, Oct 23
Mon, Oct 24
Tue, Oct 25
Wed, Oct 26
Thu, Oct 27
Fri, Oct 28
Sat, Oct 29
Sun, Oct 30
Mon, Oct 31
Tue, Nov 1
Wed, Nov 2
Thu, Nov 3
Fri, Nov 4
Sat, Nov 5

*1% Milk and Nonfat Chocolate Milk Offered Daily

**Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Bar Offered Daily During Lunch


Please note that "all day" noted on the calendar entries is due to limitations of the calendar, not an indication that the calendar entry is served or available all day.