101 W. Beck Way
Warden, WA 98857-9401
Jeff Kottong - IT Director
T: (509) 349-2581, x1326
F: (509) 349-2531
C: (509) 989-3765
Erik Colombia - Systems and Communication Administrator
T: (509) 349-2366, x1750
Prisma Corrales - Family Engagement & Communication Specialist
T: (509) 349-2581, x1327
Sheldon Schei - Technology Assistant II
T: (509) 349-2581, x1329
T: (509) 349-1881


Ensuring students have consistent and reliable internet connectivity is essential to contemporary education, and in some cases, a significant challenge in rural areas like Warden. Many internet service providers (ISP) have services available at a reduced rate and sometimes free, for families who may qualify. The website has a comprehensive list of ISPs and government programs, along with relevant information. If your family or a family you know has a student attending a school in the Warden School District in need of connectivity, consider visiting the website above or calling the Technology Department Helpdesk line at: (509) 349-1881.

District Improvement Goals

  • Warden School District will have high academic standards and expectations and will support students as they work towards achievement of these skills.

  • Warden School District facilities are a centerpiece to the community and will be maintained and upgraded to meet the academic and co-curricular needs of the district.

  • Warden students will graduate with technology skills that will be competitive on a global basis.

  • Warden School District will have a supportive learning environment that focuses on respect, responsibility, and academic success.

  • Create a culture of learning, encompassing all members of the Warden community, by providing opportunities for with students, teachers parents and community members to partner in our students’ education.

  • Monitor budgetary issues to maintain the fiscal integrity of the district.